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Parting words.

It used to be written an introduction here. The site has been created so I wish to make some notes about it.

The site is for those who are looking for. It could be you dream about your Prince, it could be you wish to spend time nicely and you are to gather ones of the same views, it could be you are eager to announce yourself or/and your site or even it could be you like to share your lifestyle with the whole planet, it could be... there are hundreds and thousands reasons that brought you here.

You are here at least and what's next?

Well the site is for those who are looking for. And you have a question at the bottom of your soul, how can it happen? I do understand your feelings. I by myself started from the same point and as a result came to success (see details at"About me" ). That is why I decided to create the site. It has begun as helpful links for me and now it's very resourceful. It's not an all-embracing one for it's impossible certainly, yet it is occurred to be useful for you for sure.

So in the very first turn the site collects links to BBS. They classified by countries in alphabetic order. for the clear reason the territories of the former USSR aren't divided and are given under "the USSR". You are looking for so visit page "BBS" from the very beginning.

Just for more fun other sections were created.

At "about me" you find some lines from autobiography and advises about Internet.

My poems are not as an attempt to write. I feel that they are as a part of me. You may read them here.

At "gallery" ther are links to FREE resources.

"My geography" reflects beautiful places where the author was.

You will find friend's homepages at"Our Friends" . Ha, what else do you like to find there? Let's be friends by sites!

Ther are interesting links in"useful links". Links to our sponsors are there generally. there were tender and lovely chosen amid lots of candidates, so have a fun visiting them.

Certainly you have come here to look for. How have you managed, what is interesting at your side? Confine your feelings to "my BBS" .

Once you'll come on an idea to send me a personal message. Why not? I'm here, just contact me.

The author is thankful to all those who inspired him to this project, who visited the site and sent his warm words. A special acknowledgments are to for amiable placing their infinite resources at his non-limited disposal. It's that help the author to restore self-confidence and to enter the gay society to make him feel himself a gay, good as you.

I have happy news. At least I found that guy, I have looked for. He is both and my second part and we have great mutual business projects. We will continue cooperate with those who visited and will visit the site. In future we will make you happy with new interesting information. Even now we have a special business proposition to those of you, who wish to earn extra folding money and enjoy more free time. Kisses, write to us, we will wait. Let's be friends

Let the site helps you to enjoy your lifestyle and to fulfil your dream.

Where real lads meet
where dreams come true.

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